We are pleased to offer virtual consultations for our existing and prospective clients.

We are pleased to offer virtual consultations for our existing and prospective clients.

Maryland Law and Failed Epidurals

If you’ve sustained epidural injection injuries at a Maryland hospital, you may be upset, confused, and frustrated. While those feelings are understandable, victims should know that they can sue a Maryland hospital for messing up an epidural, recovering compensatory damages in the process.

Mothers and other patients who have received a negligent epidural injection and sustained damages can file a lawsuit in Maryland. Your experienced lawyer will aim to prove that a Maryland doctor breached the duty of care they owed you while administering an epidural. Such a breach in duty of care can be extremely damaging to victims, causing severe injuries. Infants whose mothers receive negligent epidurals during labor can sustain life-altering birth injuries. Whether you’re a mom or not, if a hospital messed up your epidural and caused injuries, you can file a lawsuit for economic and non-economic damages in Maryland.

We’re dedicated to helping epidural injection victims get the justice they deserve. For a free case evaluation with the Maryland medical malpractice lawyers at Bennett & Heyman, call today at (410) 429-7856.

Suing a Maryland Hospital for Epidural Injection Injuries

An epidural, commonly used during labor, is a local numbing agent. This injection aims to reduce pain, most often for mothers during childbirth. While epidurals are supposed to be a positive, helpful thing for parents, they can be negative in some circumstances. When a Maryland doctor acts negligently during an epidural injection, causing you injuries, you can sue for compensation.

Whether you’re a new mother or recently received an epidural during some other surgery or other medical treatment, you can recover compensation for a botched epidural injection. To do this, Maryland victims should hire an attorney. Your Maryland medical malpractice lawyer will aim to prove that a doctor, and the hospital that employed them, acted negligently.

In many medical malpractice lawsuits, the following four factors need to be present:

  • The doctor owed a patient a duty of care
  • The doctor breached the owed duty of care
  • The breach in duty of care caused injury to a patient
  • The patient suffered real damages as a result of the breach in duty of care

Suing a Maryland hospital for negligent epidural injection can be difficult, especially for new parents. Moms may associate the pain or discomfort they are feeling with the anticipated soreness of childbirth. An epidural’s numbing abilities can cause medical malpractice victims to be unaware of their injuries until long after receiving an injection.

As soon as you recognize epidural injection injuries for what they are, reach out to a Maryland medical malpractice lawyer. These cases can be difficult to litigate, and victims often only have three years from the date of injury to sue. Epidural injection injuries can be incredibly damaging to victims, so recovering compensation through a Maryland lawsuit is crucial.

What Can Happen if a Hospital Messes Up an Epidural in Maryland?

Epidural injection injuries can be life-altering to victims. New mothers wanting to spend time with infants may deal with debilitating injuries from a botched epidural injection. Understanding the severity of common epidural injection injuries can help Maryland victims see the importance of filing a lawsuit for damages.

Injuries to Mothers

Negligently administered epidurals can cause serious injuries to mothers during childbirth. If an epidural is injected in the wrong location, it can cause paralysis in moms. Administering too many epidurals in too short a timeframe can cause expectant Maryland mothers to experience cardiac arrest or even death. Epidurals are administered using a needle and are injected near a mother’s spine. If doctors aren’t extremely careful, they can cause life-altering spinal injuries to new Maryland moms.

Injuries to Infants

Negligent epidural injections can cause birth injuries to your newborn child. These birth injuries can happen when Maryland doctors negligently administer an epidural to mothers in labor. Negligent epidural injections can induce medical complications in mothers – like seizures or cardiac arrest – that can cause serious birth injuries in their children. Cerebral palsy, brain injuries, and heart disease are just a few birth injuries commonly associated with negligent epidural injections in Maryland.

Injuries to Patients Seeking Other Medical Care

It’s important for Maryland medical malpractice victims that virtually anyone can receive an epidural at a hospital, depending on their pain levels or medical conditions. For example, Maryland residents living with sciatica or herniated discs may get regular epidurals to help with extreme pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, such Maryland residents may also be victims of medical malpractice at the hands of a negligent doctor. Any patient receiving an epidural can experience devastating injuries, from paralysis to cardiac arrest.

What Damages Can You Recover in a Maryland Epidural Injection Injury Lawsuit?

Victims that sue a Maryland hospital for negligence after sustaining epidural injection injuries can recover substantial compensatory damages. If you and your newborn child both sustained injuries, the financial and emotional impact can be overwhelming. Recovering compensation for the wrongs done to you can help your family heal and move past such a negative experience.

Moms and their newborn children deserve compensation for injuries caused by negligent epidural injections. Generally, plaintiffs in such medical malpractice lawsuits in Maryland can recover both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages attempt to compensate victims and their families for the financial impact of a doctor or hospital’s negligence. Suppose you suffered severe epidural injection injuries or your child sustained birth injuries. In that case, economic damages can compensate you for current and future medical costs.

Your Maryland medical malpractice lawyer will also aim to recover non-economic damages on your behalf. Whether you sustained epidural injection injuries during childbirth or another medical procedure, the resulting damage can profoundly impact your life. Many epidural injection injuries are severe, causing Maryland victims great pain and suffering. This extreme distress only doubles when a victim’s newborn child is injured because of a negligent epidural injection. Our attorneys will aim to recover both economic and non-economic damages so that your family can begin to recover from such a traumatic experience.

Call Our Maryland Attorneys Today if a Hospital Messed Up Your Epidural

Epidural injuries can be incredibly damaging for Maryland victims and their families. For a free case evaluation with the Maryland medical malpractice lawyers at Bennett & Heyman, call today at (410) 429-7856.

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