We are pleased to offer virtual consultations for our existing and prospective clients.

We are pleased to offer virtual consultations for our existing and prospective clients.

Maryland Breech Birth Malpractice Attorneys

When parents are expecting a child, discovering that their child is situated in breech position can be worrisome. If a baby is in a breech position as the pregnancy date approaches, doctors are expected to suggest treatments or procedures that could help resolve this issue. Unfortunately, some doctors could commit malpractice while trying to deal with a breech birth. If your child was injured during delivery, you should consult with an experienced Maryland breech birth malpractice attorney.

At Bennett & Heyman, our breech birth malpractice attorneys possess a wealth of experience litigating a variety of cases, and we are prepared to fight for you and your child. Breech births can cause a number of complications for a newborn, and this situation can be aggravated by a doctor that commits malpractice. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact Bennett & Heyman at (410) 429-7856, or contact us online.

Types of Breech Births

As a mother’s delivery date approaches, a child will begin to move their head closer to the entrance of the birth canal, which will make delivery easier. This is known as vertex presentation. However, some babies may remain in a position where their buttocks and feet are pointed towards the birth canal, referred to as breech presentation.

Breech presentation is dangerous for an infant because their head could remain in the birth canal for a long period of time, and the child could become distressed. According to the American Pregnancy Association, breech births happen in 1 out of 25 full-term births. With this frequency of breech births, it is important to understand the types of breech birth presentations.

Generally, there are four different types of breech birth presentation:

  • Complete breech – When an infant’s buttocks are pointing towards the birth canal and their legs folded around the knees and feet also nearing the birth canal
  • Frank breech – Occurs when an infant has their buttocks facing the birth canal with their legs up near their head or body
  • Footling breech – Characterized by one or both of the baby’s feet being at the entrance to the birth canal
  • Kneeling breech – The rarest form of breech presentation where a child’s feet are extended at the hips and flexed at the knees

To learn more about the procedures used to address a breech birth that could result in malpractice, continue reading, and speak with an experienced Maryland breech birth malpractice lawyer.

Breech Birth Injuries Caused by Malpractice in Maryland

When a baby is found to be in breech presentation, the doctor in charge of a woman’s pregnancy should act to correct the issue. There are multiple options that can be considered to deal with a breech birth. One possibility is by performing an external version.

An external version is when a non-invasive technique that is used to turn the baby in the womb. To perform this technique, the mother’s uterus is relaxed with medication while a doctor attempts to gently push against a mother’s womb to turn the child.

Typically, an external version will be performed during an ultrasound. However, there are some dangers to performing an external version. For example, if a doctor performs an external version extremely close to the child’s due date, there is an increased risk of injuring the child in the womb. Pushing too hard or moving the child into an unnatural position could lead to a bruising injury or other types of health issues.

Another possibility to handle a breech birth is for a doctor to order a cesarean section. If a doctor is in charge of a pregnancy, it is their obligation to inform the mother of the risks of having a breech birth. For example, if a doctor allows a mother to proceed without a cesarean section, the child could become distressed during delivery. Breech births typically exert serious pressure on the umbilical cord; this could make it difficult for a child to breathe and receive necessary nutrients during the delivery.

Additionally, a child could also become seriously injured if their head becomes entrapped during delivery. Head entrapment typically occurs as part of a preterm breech birth. This issue occurs because the child’s head is usually bigger than their feet during a preterm breech birth. As a result, the child’s head can become stuck because their feet did not adequately stretch the birth canal, and the child could be asphyxiated during delivery.

Do not delay in speaking to an attorney about your medical malpractice claim as your claim is subject to the statute of limitations.

Work with a Trusted Maryland Breech Birth Malpractice Lawyer Today

If your child was the victim of medical malpractice, contact an experienced Maryland breech birth malpractice attorney today. Bennett & Heyman understand how a serious injury to your child can affect you and your family, and we are here to help you pursue the parties responsible for your child’s injuries. To schedule a free case evaluation, contact Bennett & Heyman at (410) 429-7856.

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