We are pleased to offer virtual consultations for our existing and prospective clients.

We are pleased to offer virtual consultations for our existing and prospective clients.

Maryland Attorney for Infant Cystic Fibrosis

Many parents wonder how their child could have developed infant cystic fibrosis. While there are many circumstances that can explain a child being born with infant cystic fibrosis, it is often due to a mistake by a medical practitioner. Fortunately, a parent of a child with cystic fibrosis may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor responsible. If your child developed infant cystic fibrosis due to the actions of a negligent medical practitioner, contact an experienced Maryland attorney for infant cystic fibrosis.

At Bennett & Heyman, we believe that negligent medical practitioners should be held accountable for causing a child to sustain a serious birth injury. Our firm recognizes how a birth injury can alter a child’s life forever, and we are here for you in your time of need. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your potential lawsuit, contact Bennett & Heyman at (410) 429-7856. You may also contact the firm by using our online submission form.

Common Causes of Infant Cystic Fibrosis Birth Injuries in Maryland

Infant cystic fibrosis is a medical condition that causes a child to encounter issues with breathing and digestion. Specifically, cystic fibrosis is identified by irregular glands that produce excessive mucus and sweat that can impact the lungs, digestive tract, liver, and other organs. This buildup of mucus and sweat could increase the risk of a child developing an infection. Additionally, this condition can be especially dangerous for a newborn that has not yet learned how to utilize their lungs and breathe properly.

There are many other signs and symptoms of infant cystic fibrosis:

  • Consistent coughing that brings up thick mucus
  • Foul-smelling or greasy stools
  • Intestinal blockage
  • An infant has issues with gaining weight and growing
  • Excessive lung infections
  • Chronic constipation
  • Salty skin

This is not a comprehensive list. If you notice that your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, you should have them tested for cystic fibrosis as soon as possible. As there is no cure for cystic fibrosis, it is important to seek medical treatment to slow the effects of the condition.

It is important to note that infant cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that is passed from a parent to a child. That is why it is important for a doctor to diagnose a parent with cystic fibrosis to warn them of the dangers the condition poses for a newborn. While cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition, there are some circumstances where it can be considered a birth injury that will lead to a medical malpractice claim.

One common cause of cystic fibrosis birth injuries is the failure of a doctor to screen a child for cystic fibrosis. This is a serious issue because a doctor will not be prepared to treat a newborn for cystic fibrosis without an initial screening. As a result, the newborn could suffer a serious injury due to the actions of a negligent doctor.

A medical malpractice claim for cystic fibrosis can also arise if a medical practitioner provides a mother with the incorrect eggs, sperm, or embryo. This is referred to as a wrongful pregnancy, and it can result in a mother giving birth to a child with serious medical conditions due to a mistake by a hospital or doctor.

Doctors should also ensure that a mother’s genetic tests were accurate. If cystic fibrosis passes to a child due to inaccurate genetic testing, this could make a doctor liable for medical malpractice.

Infant cystic fibrosis is a severe condition that should not be taken lightly by parents or medical practitioners. If you believe that your doctor is responsible for your child developing cystic fibrosis, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Maryland birth injury lawyer today.

Proving a Medical Malpractice Claim in Maryland

If your child was a victim of medical malpractice and developed infant cystic fibrosis, you should file a medical malpractice claim against the parties responsible. In addition to the doctor that caused the birth injury, the hospital that employs the doctor may also be held liable for their actions. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney to determine the appropriate parties that should be named in a lawsuit.

Note, however, that a victim will first have to prove that there was a doctor-patient relationship with the negligent doctor in question. For example, a parent cannot argue that their child suffered a birth injury due to casual advice from a doctor, the parent would need proof the doctor treated their child.

Once a doctor-patient relationship is established, a plaintiff must prove how the doctor acted negligently. The following four elements must be met to show negligence:

  1. The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care
  2. The defendant breached their duty of care (e.g., failure to diagnose cystic fibrosis)
  3. The plaintiff suffered an injury due to the breach
  4. The plaintiff suffered an injury that is compensable by a court of law

Work with Our Trusted Maryland Lawyer for Infant Cystic Fibrosis

If your child developed infant cystic fibrosis due to the negligence of a doctor, you should contact an experienced Maryland birth injury lawyer for infant cystic fibrosis. The legal team at Bennett & Heyman has extensive experience handling complex medical malpractice claims, and we would be honored to work with you. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options, contact Bennett & Heyman at (410) 429-7856. You may also contact the firm online.

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