Can You Sue for Bruising and Forceps Mark Birth Injuries in Maryland?

If you are an expectant parent, the last thought you want to have is the possibility of your child being injured during birth. There are many natural reasons as to why an infant could suffer an injury at birth. However, the cause of those injuries is sometimes due to...

C-Section Malpractice: Delayed Procedure Can Lead to Cerebral Palsy

One of the saddest types of medical malpractice cases that our office evaluates is those involving a failure to timely deliver a newborn baby despite clear indications that the baby was in distress prior to delivery.  In many of these instances, the babies suffer...

Common Signs and Symptoms of an Aortic Dissection

What is an Aortic Dissection? One of the more commonly undiagnosed medical conditions in a hospital emergency room is an aortic dissection.  An aortic dissection is a tear or partial tear in the lining of the largest blood vessel in the body, the aorta.  The...

What Are the Common Complications of Breech Births in Maryland?

As a pregnant mother’s due date approaches, the baby should naturally move into a head-down position which will make delivery easier. Unfortunately, not every child will move into this position. Instead, the baby’s buttocks or feet may be in a position to...

Common Injuries to Mothers During Childbirth in Maryland

Giving birth to a child is one of life’s greatest gifts. The last thing expectant parents want to worry about is the possibility of an injury to their child or to the child’s mother. However, pregnancy and childbirth can take a serious toll on a...

What Are the Possible Complications of Premature Birth in Maryland?

The possibility of a premature birth may cause expectant parents to worry. A child that is born prematurely is more susceptible to birth injuries and other complications. While not all prematurely born children will experience complications, it is important for your...

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