When Can You Sue for Premature Births in Maryland?

A premature birth occurs when a child is born on or before the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy. There are various complications that can result from a child being born too early. Medical practitioners and hospitals should ensure they exercise care when dealing with a...

When Can You Sue for Spinal Cord Injuries in Maryland?

A spinal cord injury can have devastating consequences for a victim. The spinal cord controls several of the body’s functions, and a serious injury could mean paralysis and significant medical bills. You should not have to endure those burdens because of the...

When Are Doctors and Hospitals Liable for Prolonged Labor in Maryland?

To prepare for childbirth, an expectant mother should frequently communicate with her healthcare provider. Determining whether a mother can safely have a vaginal delivery or should consider other options is an important choice to make. Doctors and healthcare providers...

The Difference Between Birth Injury and Birth Trauma in Maryland

The phrases “birth trauma” and “birth injury” might sound interchangeable. However, the difference between a birth injury and a birth trauma can impact how your child’s condition is treated if you file a malpractice lawsuit. Understanding...

5 Most Dangerous Birth Injuries in Maryland

We often place our trust in the medical practitioners responsible for the health and safety of our children. However, it is possible that they may act negligently when delivering a child. If your child was injured while you were giving birth, you should consult with...

Can Birthweight Impact Birth Injury Lawsuits in Maryland?

Dealing with the premature birth of your child is a fearsome event. Premature deliveries are dangerous for both mother and child. Babies born prematurely are often underweight and must be delivered with extreme care. Medical professionals should be aware of this fact...

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