We are pleased to offer virtual consultations for our existing and prospective clients.

We are pleased to offer virtual consultations for our existing and prospective clients.

Baltimore Crushed Skull at Birth Injury Attorney

Pregnancy provides expectant parents with more than enough things to think about. Once a child is born, there should be nothing but happiness in the hearts of the child’s parents. Unfortunately, a medical error during the birth of the child can change the entire elated mood associated with child birth.

Having to deal with the birth injury of a newborn child is a frightening thing. You have to figure out whether the injury was truly caused by medical malpractice or if your child was simply hurt in the regular course of child birth. Then you must wonder whether this injury will negatively impact your child for the rest of his or her life. If your child has been the victim of medical malpractice, you should consult with an experienced birth injury attorney.

At Bennett & Heyman, PA, our birth injury attorneys possess decades of experience dealing with complex malpractice cases. We are dedicated to helping families recover for the negligence of healthcare professionals. To consult an experienced birth injury attorney in Baltimore, contact the attorneys at Bennett & Heyman, PA at (410) 429-7856 for your free consultation.

Causes of Skull Fractures in Infants

At birth, the bones in the skull of a child are not fully developed. A newborn’s skull is composed of multiple plates of bone that do not fuse until after the child is born. During child birth, the skull of the child is still very fragile and can be injured easily. An injury at this stage can cause permanent damage to an infant.

There are multiple causes for a skull fracture injury at birth, like:

  • Natural Skull Fracture Causes – Usually caused by the baby’s head being under significant pressure while traveling along the birth canal. The pelvic bones can also be the source of pressure. These pressures can cause bumps and swelling, but usually do not cause the baby any lasting injuries.
  • Cephalopelvic Disproportion – This occurs when the mother’s pelvis is unusually narrow, or the baby’s skull is unusually large. Both instances put more pressure on the baby’s skull during delivery and can cause serious fractures and injuries. A C-section may be suggested if the birthing process would be too dangerous for the child.
  • Malposition – Most babies are positioned and exit the womb in a head-first position. However, sometimes a child may exit the womb feet-first. These births are especially dangerous and put more pressure on all parts of the body of the child, including the skull. C-sections are usually recommended to avoid this kind of birth.
  • Long/Difficult Delivery – A difficult delivery is often the cause of skull injuries. The longer a delivery takes, the longer the child’s skull is compressed by the birth canal and the pelvic bones. The doctor performing the delivery is responsible for knowing when it is too dangerous to continue the birthing process. Once it is too dangerous, the doctor should order a C-section to minimize pain and risk to the mother and child. If not stopped, a long delivery could possibly cause a skull fracture serious enough to cause brain damage in the child.
  • Premature Birth – If a baby is born under 37 weeks, he or she is considered premature. The fact that the baby is smaller at this stage does not mean that the birth will be easier. A smaller baby has a higher chance of being injured during the delivery. The child’s skull at this stage would be more susceptible to fractures and lacerations.
  • Forceps and Vacuum Assisted Delivery – Medical malpractice and misconduct often cause the worst incidents of skull injuries and brain damage. The manner in which a doctor uses forceps and vacuum suction plays a large role in determining whether the child is injured during delivery. When used improperly, these tools can cause serious skull fractures and other critical injuries.

While some skull injuries are indeed accidents, there may always be a possibility that the injury was avoidable. Medical professionals are aware of the fragility of newborn babies and are trained to assess and execute the proper course of action during the birthing process. If you believe a doctor acted negligently and your child was injured as a result, you should consider filing a birth injury case.

Baltimore, MD Crushed Skull at Birth Injury Lawyers Fighting for Families

Proving a birth injury case could fall to varying factors, such as whether a doctor misdiagnosed a situation or committed medical malpractice while delivering the child. To determine what you need to prove to prevail in a birth injury lawsuit, you should consult with an experienced birth injury attorney in Baltimore, Maryland.

At Bennett & Heyman, PA, our lawyers understand the grief associated with the injury of a child and hope to provide you with justice for your family. Our lawyers have served clients in Baltimore and across the region for decades and would be proud to serve you. Contact us for a free legal consultation at (410) 429-7856.

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