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You expect your attorney to fight for the justice you deserve. Whether that means negotiating or heading into a courtroom, we’re your voice. We start by listening and letting you unburden yourself from the pain you suffer. Our clients come to us, some with catastrophic injuries, others with unrelenting pain, even if the injury has healed. Some are suffering the loss of a loved one and others are facing a lifetime of care. Yet, no matter the story, we treat our clients like family with a compassionate ear and kind heart.

When you retain Bennett & Heyman will be your greatest advocate. Whether it’s the insurance companies, the medical institutions, or whomever needs to be held accountable for their actions, we won’t stop until you get the justice you deserve.

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Before you choose a law firm to represent your interests, be sure to interview the attorney’s who will advocate on your behalf. Choosing a team you can trust is essential. Knowing they will be compassionate to you and your family, while being aggressive with the other side, is critical. Now that you know what to look for, click on the Free Case Evaluation button so we can schedule a time to speak with you.

Birth Injuries

It's supposed to be the happiest day of your life. You'd like to believe that your OBGYN and medical team will do everything necessary to bring your child into the world - safely. Unfortunately, rushed decisions and negligent medical care mean that birth injuries occur more frequently than you'd think. Nerve and brain injuries during childbirth often leave children with permanent physical and mental disabilities. Cerebral palsy and Erb's palsy are just two of the many severe medical conditions caused by birth injuries. We represent our clients to ensure there are consequences for these injuries and to provide them with the financial means to care for their loved ones.

Construction Accidents

Experience counts when choosing a construction accident attorney. Getting financial compensation may be the key to protecting yourself and getting the medical attention you need. Often, workers think that workers' compensation is their only option. While it's a valuable resource, our lawyers focus on finding the cause of your construction accident so that the responsible party is held accountable.

Defective Products

When devices catch fire, explode, or otherwise break and injure the users, the manufacturers can be held responsible. Product liability cases refer to negligence in a product's design or manufacturing process. Our attorneys fight for fair and just compensation for individuals injured by defective products.​

Fatal Accidents

Life changes instantly when someone you know and love dies in an accident or medical procedure that should have never happened. When a wrongful death occurs, you should immediately seek legal advice from an attorney with extensive experience with these types of cases. While nothing will ever replace the loss of a loved one, a wrongful death lawsuit will ensure that the negligent parties are held accountable and that others aren't put in harm's way by the same dangerous conduct in the future. A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil action, but the at-fault party may also be charged criminally. Any case is dependent on specific circumstances. Civil litigation compensates for the family left behind. The criminal case seeks to hold the negligent party accountable to the state, including any prison time or fines imposed.

Pharmaceutical Injuries

When something goes wrong with your body, your doctor may prescribe medications. You put your faith in your physician, pharmacist, and the company that created the products. Your health, well-being, and life are in their hands. While you understand that humans can make mistakes, these medical errors may cause serious, life-long injuries or the loss of life. Our attorneys can represent you and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accidents

When you are a victim of a vehicle accident, your injuries may have an immediate impact on your life, but they could also affect your future. Your medical bills could be insurmountable, especially without adequate health care coverage. Contacting our experienced attorneys will not only help to answer your questions, but we'll explain your options. Whether the accident seems straightforward, from hit-and-runs to drunk driving accidents, our team understands Maryland law, and we will help you get the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

Workplace Injuries

Injured employees deserve to have well-trained Maryland workers' compensation lawyers fight on their behalf. What's important to know is that the laws governing these cases are complex. Defending yourself, or filing a claim with your insurance company, is risky because the nuances of the law can complicate a case and put the odds of winning compensation in jeopardy. Our attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies. We also know how to put your needs first when insurance companies set their needs first. If you were injured on the job, let our team review your case to be sure your rights are protected.​

Results that change lives.

When you’ve been  injured in an accident caused by the negligence of others, you deserve to be treated with compassion, care and understanding. Our lawyers work to help you overcome the struggles that are associated with medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death cases.

No matter who is responsible for your injuries, or why they happened, we can help you recover lost wages, medical bills and even receive compensation that can cover the care you need for your family well beyond the tangibles associated with the incident itself.

Our experienced attorneys know how to speak with insurance companies who are often trying to pay as little as possible for your pain and suffering. Although lawsuits can be emotionally difficult and time consuming, we’re experienced litigators and we know how to navigate the courtroom to defend you and your rights. We will be your voice and our hope is to take the burden off of you so you can do your very best to recover and heal.

Rest assured, most cases settle before ever going in front of a jury. Insurance companies, trucking companies, bus companies, airlines, employers, manufacturers, hospitals, physicians, no one ever wants to go to court. They are more willing to negotiate in order to reduce their costs and overall exposure.

Our lawyers will help you understand what your case is worth, and fight for you to get compensation in every available area.


Bennett & Heyman, P.A.

Our legal team consists of three highly trained and experienced attorneys with extensive knowledge of how to win medical malpractice, catastrophic injury, and wrongful death cases. Roger Bennett, Fred Heyman, and Jamison White offer the best legal representation with compassionate, kind, understanding, and sensitivity and acknowledgment of your situation and story.

We go head-to-head with the powerful legal teams hired by hospitals, corporations, and insurance companies. Yet, despite the deep pockets and powerful legal teams on the other side, our attorneys have proven over and over again that what matters most is having the right attorneys by your side who won’t allow anyone to stand in the way of your just justice and rightful compensation. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients and are ready to be your voice.

To set up a free consultation send us an email, give us a call, or fill out the form on our contact page. Then, we’re ready to listen.

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When life leaves you speechless

Contact Bennett & Heyman when you’re ready to discuss your case with a team who understands, and is ready to be your voice for justice. We understand all matters of medical malpractice, catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death. We’re ready to listen. Give our office a call, today.

Experience Matters

When it comes to legal matters of this magnitude, experience makes all the difference. We have a long and esteemed history of providing legal counsel in Maryland. Our firm is proud of our history, dating back to 1870. We are one of the region’s leading medical malpractice, catastrophic personal injury, and wrongful death law firms.

Led by Roger Bennett and Fred Heyman, our practice recovers hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Our ethical, strong, and noteworthy reputation was built on aggressively advocating for our clients, while maintaining our inherent compassion for others. Our clients are unlike many of the clients of other law firms simply because of why they need us. They often come to us with dire situations, some in pain from their own injury, others in pain from losing a loved one unnecessarily. It’s hard to recover from these situations and no law suit or financial resolution can every equate to the pain they have endured. We know this and understand the role we play is not simply for economic recovery, but is about holding those who caused the incident accountable.

Medical Malpractice

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Every case is unique and compensation is based on the severity, location, and specifics of the incident. We’re able to provide you with a free consultation to evaluate the nature and severity of your situation.

Our mission is to help our clients find peace and resolve, maximize their ability to hold parties responsible for their wrongful actions, while establishing a system of accountability that protects our clients and protects others from similar circumstances in the future.